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Proxxon Sanding and Grinding Tools

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38060 - Disc Sander TG 250/E

Speed:  820 to 2460 ft/min
Disc diameter:  9-27/32" (250 mm)

Max Sanding Height:  5-5/16" (135 mm)
Table Size:  10-13/16" x 4-1/8" (275 x 105 mm)
Machine Size: 13 x 11 x 9" (330 x 280 x 230 mm)
Volts:  110 - 120V AC, 60 Hz


With electronically controlled speeds for sanding delicate materials. Also ideal for wet sanding. Sands long edges, end sections, radii, miters, and by turning work piece over, accurate flat surfaces at right angles. Used on soft and hard woods, non-ferrous metals, steel, plastics (plexiglass and fiberglass), cork and rubber. A simple chart indicates the recommended speeds for different materials. The main body is of ribbed, die-cast aluminum (not steel tube or sheet metal construction). Table of die-cast aluminum with machined surface. Tilts 15° inwards and 45° outwards (a scale facilitates accurate adjustment). Table miter gauge supplied as standard. Machined backing disc - driven by a twin ball bearing spindle. Standard commercially available self-adhesive sanding discs fix firmly and can be replaced quickly. Comes with miter gauge and two each of 80 and 240 grit sanding discs.

Accessories for the TG 250/E Disc Sander:

28968 - Adhesive Silicone Film

For quick changing of sanding discs (attaches to sanding discs). The silicone surface allows the sanding disc to be easily removed after sanding. Includes four silicone films.


28970-28974 - Self-adhesive Sanding Discs

5-pc industrial quality aluminum oxide sanding discs, 9-27/32" (250mm) diameter.

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37060 - Disc Sander TG 125/E

Speed:  1150 - 3600rpm (250 - 800m/min)
Disc diameter: 5" (125 mm)
Volts:  110 - 120V AC, 60 Hz
Weight:   1.21 lb (550 g)


For all types of wood, steel, non-ferrous and precious metals, plastics (also Plexiglas and fiber glass). Powerful, vibration-free running due to a powerful and balanced DC motor. Aluminum table, adjustable to incline 50 downward and 10 upward; with miter gage. The adhesive sanding discs can be removed without problems after use. Two additional square silicon sheets ensure that used discs can be stored and reused as necessary. Can be mounted horizontally and vertically to a table or workbench with the included c-clamp. Also includes an adapter to attach a vacuum cleaner for dust free working, as well as 2 each sanding discs 80, 150 and 240 grit.

38544 - Longneck Angle Grinder LW/E

Disc diameter:  2" (50 mm)
Bore: 13/32'' (10 mm)
Speed:  6500 - 13000 rpm
Volts:  110 - 120V AC, 60 Hz
Max Power:  1/8 hp (100 W)
Length:  11-13/32'' (290 mm)
Weight:   1.21 lb (550 g)


The unit has a special, balanced motor with full-wave electronic speed control. For use on steel, non-ferrous metals, glass, ceramics and wood (lower speeds prevent burning of wood). Comes with a 60 grit carborundum grinding disc, a reinforced fan sander and sturdy carrying case.

Accessories for the LW/E Angle Grinder:

28548 - Backing Disc

Self-adhesive backing disc, for use with sanding discs and sanding  fleece.

28549-28552 - Corundum Sanding Discs

Self-adhesive type, used on flat and convex surfaces. 5 sanding discs in each set.
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28590-28591 - Flap Disc

The flap disc is made from aluminum-oxide with a high stock removal rate and is ideal for grinding and smoothing of cast iron, gray cast iron, stainless steel, steel, non-ferrous metal, wood and plastic.

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29050 - Disc with Tungsten Carbide Burrs

Carving wheel with needle-like tungsten carbide teeth. Ideal for carving and sculpting, roughing and finishing in wood, plastics and fiberglass. Smooth cutting and excellent control. Maximum 15,000 rpm.Do not use on metal.


28554-28555 - Sanding Fleece

Self-adhesive type, used for cleaning, matting and sanding of steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals. Also used for paint removal. Medium, set of 5.


38520 - Proxxon Detail Sander OZI 115/E

Sanding Area:  2.5x2.5x2.5"
Oscillations per min:  3000-10000
Volts:  110-120V AC, 60 Hz
Max Power:  1/8 hp (100 W)
Length:  9'' (230 mm)
Weight:  1.8 lb (800 g)

A small, yet efficient sander for very tight spots like corners, sides and inaccessible areas!

The strong performance of this very handy tool is in the oscillating motion permitting extremely fine and delicate work or more aggressive work, depending on the accessory used or material worked on. It even allows cutting! The electronic speed-control allows for continuously variable speeds from 3000-10000 oscillations per minute so that the tool can be used on wood, steel, non-ferrous metal, glass, ceramics and plastics. The sanding plate has an adhesive pad to accept sandpaper or fleece with hook and loop system to facilitate changing. This set comes in a sturdy plastic box complete with 4 sheets of sandpaper (2 x 80 grit, 1 x 150 grit, 1 x 280 grit), one sanding fleece, plus one each of hard and soft felt polishing pads.

Accessories for the Detail Sander:

28891-28895 - Sanding Pads for OZI 115/E

High durability aluminum oxide pads. Surface covered with special filler to prevent clogging. Attaches to the detail sander's hook & loop sanding plate. Bulk packs of 25 pieces.

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28900 - HSS Cutting Blade 2.5" diameter

The high speed steel oscillating cutting blade is the solution where a normal rotating saw blade cannot be used. The cutting line is always visible, and the segmented shape allows for sawing right up to perpendicular surfaces, i.e. cutting right into corners, without over-cutting. Used for cutting wood (model building and furniture), fiberglass, carbon fiber, drywall, aluminum profiles, etc.

28902 - Diamond Cutting Blade 2.5" diameter

Cuts marble, bricks, dry wall along with many other materials. The semi-circular shape facilitates cutting right into corners or adjoining surfaces without over cutting. Incl. attachment washer.


28898 - Serrated Plunge Blade - 14 mm

For cutting precise holes of any shape, like windows and hatches in airplane and ship models or dollhouses. Will cut wood, plywood, plastics and aluminum. Maximum cutting depth: 9/16" (16 mm).


28897 - Serrated Plunge Blade - 8 mm

For cutting precise holes of any shape, like windows and hatches in airplane and ship models or dollhouses. Will cut wood, plywood, plastics and aluminum. Maximum cutting depth: 9/16" (16 mm).

38536 - Belt Sander BSL 115/E

Belt speed:  525 ft/min (160 m/min)
Sanding surface: 60 x 40mm
Volts:  110-120V
Max Power:  1/5 hp (150 W)
Length:  9-3/8'' (240 mm)
Weight:  1.5 lb (700 g)


For shape finishing, mortising, fine polishing (flat surfaces). Also for de-burring metal, paint removal and fine finishing. The tool has a die-cast aluminum head holding the sanding arm, which can be swivelled through 60º by simply pressing a knob. The unit features a full-wave electronic speed control. Sanding belt can be changed in a matter of seconds. Complete with (2) 80 and (2) 180 grit belts.

Accessories for the Belt Sander:

28581-28583 - Replacement Sanding Belts

Sanding Belts 13" x 13/32" (330 x 10 mm), made from high-quality aluminum-oxide on tough, woven, lightweight cloth backing. For grinding metal, non-ferrous metal, wood and plastic.

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38526 - Block Belt Sander BBS/S

Belt speed:  525 ft/min (160 m/min)
Sanding surface: 60 x 40mm
Volts:  110-120V
Max Power:  1/5 hp (150 W)
Length:  9-3/8'' (240 mm)
Weight:  1.5 lb (700 g)


With powerful special DC motor, quiet and long-lasting. The sanding belt is located flush on the left side to allow surfaces to be sanded "right down to the corner". Fine adjustment for the rollers prevents running off on the side. Spring clamping system for easy replacement of belts without tool. Housing made of fibreglass reinforced POLYAMIDE. Complete with screw clamp and 5 each 120 grit and 240 grit sanding belts. Sanding belt is 40 x 265 mm.

Accessories for the Belt Sander:

28922-28928 - Sanding Belts for BBS/S

Standard corundum (aluminium oxide) on a powerful backing. For sanding metals, non-ferrous metals, wood and plastic. Size 40 x 265 mm. 5-pc in a set.

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