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Proxxon 12-Volt Tools

Note: All Proxxon 12-volt tools require an AC adapter/power supply unless there is one included with the tool (Model Building and Glass Engraving Sets have an adapter included).

All prices are in Candian Dollars

The Adapters:

38706 - Micromot AC Adapter NG 2/S

Safe and efficient power source for hand-held 12V tools
(rotary tool and burrs shown in photo are not included)

Very compact design. NORYL casing (heat resistant - a necessity for transformer enclosures). Capacity 2.0A at 16 Volt open circuit - and 12 Volt under load = 24VA (DC). Primary supply 110-120V. Polarized socket for Micromot plug. Red LED indicates readiness for use. PTC (Positive temperature coefficient) element prevents overload, the plugged in tool will not automatically restart. After cooling down, the AC wall plug should be disconnected briefly to reset the adapter. Modern design with holes for storing bits. Foldable tool rest provides a secure place for keeping the Micromot tool ready for use.

38704 - Micromot AC Adapter NG 5/E

A heavy duty transformer with speed control and enough sockets to plug in 3 separate Micromot 12-volt tools at a time (tool and burrs shown in photo are not included).


This AC adapter with electronic speed control comes in a compact, heat resistant NORYL casing and has a capacity of 5.0A at 16V no load and 12 Volt under load = 60 VA (DC). Primary supply at 110-120V. The thyristor electronic control (with feedback) allows for optimum tool speed and high torque at low speeds.

The workstation offers three polarized sockets for Micromot 12-volt machinesand an additional pair of sockets for standard banana plugs with 5/32" diameter (4 mm diameter). It has a master switch for turning off the transformer without needing to unplug. The red LED shows "ready". A PTC (positive temperature coefficient) element guarantees protection against overload, the plugged in machine will not restart automatically. Once cooled down, the AC wall plug should briefly be unplugged to reset the adapter. The whole unit comes in a very compact and practical design with foldable tool rest and storage holes to insert bits and burrs with shafts of 3/32" and 7/64" (2.35 and 3 mm).

The Tools:

28510 - MICROMOT Rotary Tool  50/E

Tried and tested on 1001 uses: milling, drilling, routing, de-scaling, polishing, cutting, cleaning, sawing, engraving, sanding, etc.


A specially balanced motor makes this tool run very smoothly at variable speeds from 5,000 - 20,000 rpm (no load). The diameter of only 1 3/8" makes the tool very easy to handle. Its weight of 1.2 lb (230 g), its quietness and effortless, vibration-free drive via the special permanent magnet motor, the ground spindle and collar bearing all contribute to the ergonomic design. An efficient cooling system facilitates extended use under various load conditions.

 It comes with 6 high precision triple slit steel collets in sizes 1/32", 1/16", 5/64", 3/32", 7/64" and 1/8" (1,0 - 1,5 - 2,0 - 2,4 - 3,0 and 3,2 mm) which ensure accurate clamping of the bits for highest concentricity and the precision you need for finest work pieces. Weight: 1.2 lb (230 g), length: 8 21/32" (220 mm). Low voltage for optimal safety, 12 V DC, max 40 W input. As a power supply source we recommend Micromot AC Adapters NG 2/S or NG 5/E.

28512 - MICROMOT Rotary Tool  50/EF

The new 50/EF with quick-action chuck. Practical for use with burrs of different shaft diameters.


Slim, easily handled and light. Quick-action chuck and variable speed control, with feedback effect (high engine power in the lower revolutions area). Special, balanced, low noise DC motor with high life expectancy. A transformer is required for operation (Micromot AC Adapters NG 2/S or NG 5/E).

Technical data: Direct voltage 12 - 18V. Power absorption up to 40W input. 5,000 - 20,000/min. Length: 8 21/32" (220mm). Weight: 0.5 lb (230g).

28690 - Micro Screwdriver M1S 1

Comes with 16 chrome molybdenum bits. Fiberglass-reinforced nylon housing lends high impact resistance. The chuck accepts all bit shanks, including 1/4". An ideally positioned switch controls on/off/reverse functions. The 79" flexible cord ensures perfect mobility and a metal hook is optimal when using the optional balancer.

The three stage planetary gearbox offers a reduction ration of 93:1, yielding the ideal speed of 200 - 250 rpm (depending on the AC adapter used). Direct voltage: 12 - 18V, Max. Power: 1/16hp (50W), Tightening torque: 0.35 - 1.0Nm, approx. 2.0Nm with step 6, Length: 7.9" (200mm), Weight: 0.9 lb (415g). Requires the use of MICROMOT adapters.

38515 - Model Building and Engraving Set

A complete kit with Micromot Rotary Tool 50/E plus 34 industrial quality cutters, AC adapter and storage case.

The Micromot Rotary Tool 50/E comes in this set with 6 high precision triple slit steel collets and includes an AC adapter (12-18 V, 1.0 A), a selection of 34 useful bits: 1 diamond grinding bit, 1 fine cutter, 1/64" and 1/32" micro-drills, 1 brass brush, 4 aluminum-oxide grinding bits (cylinder, sphere, disc and cone shaped), 1 spring steel saw blade, 4 grinding wheels 7/8" x 7/64" (22 x 3 mm), 2 each aluminum-oxide and silicon carbide grinding discs, 20 cutting discs, 1 mandrel and each part finds its place in a practical and sturdy plastic case.

38635 - Complete Glass Engraving Set

You are all set to start engraving right away - this is a complete engraving set with rotary tool, transformer, 6 engraving bits plus trial glass and stencils.

The engraver GG 12 spins at 20000 rpm, yet weighs only 4 ounces! It allows for easy control and thus very safe operation featuring a touch sensitive switch for easy use and simple push in/pull out operation for easy changing of bits (accepts 3/32" bits only). The set includes: Engraver GG 12, AC adapter (12 - 18 V, 0.5 A), trial glass and six bits: two spherical head diamond grinding bits 1/32" (1 mm) and 5/64" (1.8 mm) diameter for engraving and line work, two silicon carbide grinding bits (conical and bullet shape) for shading and frosting as well as 1 corundum grinding bit in ball and cylinder shapes for grinding and engraving (all shanks 3/32"). The bits are also great for working on metal, stone, shell and other hard materials. Also includes a bit holder for quick and easy storage.

28940 - Set of Micromot Steel Collets

Fits all Proxxon rotary tools except the engraver GG 12. One each in size 3/64", 2/32", 5/64", 3/32", 7/64" and 1/8" (1, 1.5, 2, 2.4, 3 and 3.2 mm) come as a set in a practical holder for storage along with one clamping nut.

28534 - Jig Saw STS 12/E

Electronic speed control from 2000 - 5000 strokes/min, stroke: 15/64" (6 mm). Includes 2 interchangeable footplates: 1 flat and 1 round.

This very lightweight and powerful 12 volts machine is ideal for curved cuts in wood up to 3/8" (10 mm), circuit boards up to 7/64" (3 mm) and non-ferrous metals up to 3/32" (2,5 mm) thickness. Its weight makes it easy to handle and thus allows for precise control of the cutting action. The specially balanced permanent magnet motor guarantees vibration-free operation. Housing made of fiberglass reinforced NYLON. With 3 1/4" (100 cm) spiral cord. Power supply/adapter required; we recommend Micromot AC Adapter NG 2/S or NG 5/E.

Blades available for the STS 12/E Jig Saw:

28054 - Jig Saw Blades - Special Steel $5.80
For cutting hard and soft wood, plywood, fiberglass reinforced materials and various soft plastics. Especially designed for sawing tight curves and making clean cuts. Teeth are alternately set and sharpened. Contains 2 blades.
Size:  2-1/4" x 7/64" x 1/64" (57 x 2.9 x .5 mm)
Tooth Pitch:  1/16" (1.5 mm)

28056 - Jig Saw Blades - High Speed Steel $7.00
For cutting metals, especially aluminum and softer alloys, fiberglass, Plexiglass and insulating materials. Teeth are alternately set and sharpened. Contains 2 blades.
Size:  2-1/4" x 7/64" x 1/64" (57 x 2.9 x .5 mm)
Tooth Pitch:  3/64" (1.06 mm)

27082 - Hot Wire Cutter THERMOCUT 12/E

For freehand cutting in styrofoam of model railroad scenery or dioramas of any shape, and without the "crumbling" you would get when working with knife and sandpaper. With a little practice you can achieve perfect cuts, depending on the material density and thickness, at medium temperatures and with moderate pressure.

12 Volt, 60 W, 50/60 Hz. Variable cutting wire temperature ranges from approx. 300 - 660 °F (150 - 350 °C). Maximum extension 7.9" (200mm). Maximum work piece height 5.9" (150mm). Heat up time is 1 second. Comes with 5 shapable cutting wires.

28594 - Pen Sander PS 12

This super-fine sander with linear sanding motion (versus rotary or orbital) operates at 8,000 strokes per minute with a 3/32" (2.5 mm) stroke. Superfine finishing of wooden, plastic or metal surfaces can be done in less time without big efforts. Great for model building!

It is ideal for surfaces, slots and tight corners. Included are four sanding attachments with straight shanks and four with angled shanks (four different shapes per shank style) as well as three sheets of pre-profiled self-adhesive sanding pads. The sheets are 180, 240 and 400 grit with 5 of each shape per sheet. Power supply/adapter required like Micromot AC Adapter NG 2/S or NG 5/E.

28822-28826 - Replacement Sandpaper for the PS 12

Three self-adhesive sheets in a package. Each sheet has 20 pads profiled for the different shank shapes (5 pads for each of the 4 shapes).
Grit Choices

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