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Proxxon Attachments and Miscellaneous Products

All prices are in Candian Dollars

38700 - Footswitch FS

This attachment frees your hands for easy on/off operation and is ideal for both portable and stationary Proxxon machines.

Can be used for all machines with a maximum power consumption of 5/8 hp (500 W). The connecting cord is 3' 21" (250 cm) in length and the output cord is 19.5" (50 cm). Ideal for both portable and stationary machines. If you are working with Proxxon's 12 V hand-held tools, the Footswitch FS is connected to the transformer.
Suitable for the following Proxxon tools:

Professional Rotary Tool IB/E
Longneck Angle Grinder LW/E
Belt Sander BSL 115/E
Super Jig Saw SS 115/E
Detail Sander OZI 115/E
Power Carver SGM
Scroll Saw DS 115/E
Bench Circular Saw KS 115
Rotary Tool MICROMOT 50/E
Pensander PS 12
Jig Saw STS 12/E
Orbital Sander SL 12/E
Engraver GG 12

28940 - Set of Micromot Steel Collets

Fits all Proxxon rotary tools except the engraver GG 12. One each in size 3/64", 2/32", 5/64", 3/32", 7/64" and 1/8" (1, 1.5, 2, 2.4, 3 and 3.2 mm) come as a set in a practical holder for storage along with one clamping nut.

28620 - Micromot Flexishaft 110/P

With triple ball bearings and speeds up to 25000 rpm, the flexishaft is easily to be attached to Proxxon rotary tools including the Pro Rotary Tool IB/E or the lightweight rotary tool MICROMOT 50/E, which will hold the flexishaft's coupling piece with the collet size 7/64'' (3.0 mm).

Two ball bearings in the aluminum hand piece and one in the drive end prevent tooI bits from chattering. The highly flexible shroud and core transmit power without heating up even when bent tightly. Anti-kink springs at the grip and drive end. The flex shaft comes with 6 MICROMOT steel collets. The drive shaft is 7/64'' and so fits the included 7/64'' steel collet. We recommend securing the power tool while using the flexishaft, e.g. in Proxxon UHZ Universal Holder (below).


28606 - MICROMOT Drill Stand MB 140/S

All Proxxon hand-tools with the 3/4" standard collar perfectly fit this drill stand. It provides the steadiness when needed and turns your rotary tool into a mini drill press, e.g. for drilling very fine holes. The drill stand even makes your rotary tool more versatile as it holds it horizontally, too, so that you can use it like a bench grinder. The drill stand keeps the tool lined up and allows you to control it easily with one hand. 4-3/4" x 8-11/16" (120 x 220 mm). Throat capacity of 5-1/2" (140 mm) and 1-3/16" (30 mm) travel.

28610 - Universal Holder UHZ with Clamp

Securely holds all Proxxon rotary tools with 3/4" collars. With socket and clamp to quickly and securely attach to workbenches and tabletops up to 2-5/16" (60 mm) thick. The clamping foot is also provided with drilled and tapped holes in order to screw the vise permanently to the workbench. The swivel head rotates in all directions (even down, in front of the workbench). Weight 3.3 lb.

27100 - MICRO Compound Table KT 70

For precise milling, drilling, boring and grinding operations as well as positioning. This high-precision cross slide table is the optimal attachment when working with the MICROMOT Drill Stand MB 140/S, the Drill Press TBM 115 or Machine Vise MS 4. Clamping accessories for easy attachment on or below the above items come with the table. Of course, it can also be used with other drill stands or presses.


The KT 70 Compound Table is made from surface-treated aluminum, has three longitudinal T-slots and provides dual axis (lateral and cross) positioning via two hand wheels. The hand wheels have zero-resettable dials graduated in .05 mm increments (one complete revolution of the hand wheel = 1mm, 1 pitch line = .05 mm feed). Two sets of step clamps are included.

Other technical data:
Table size is 7-7/8" x 2-3/4" (200 x 70 mm), with 3 T-slots in size 15/32" x 15/64" x 13/64" (12 x 6 x 5 mm), distance from center-to-center 63/64" (25 mm). X-travel 5-9/32" (134 mm), Y-travel 1-13/16" (46 mm). Overall height: 1-11/16" (43 mm).

24260 - Precision Machine Vise

Especially suited for intricate and accurate working! Milled of steel. Completely angular. Jaw width 1-13/16" (46 mm), clamping capacity 1-3/16" (30 mm). Total length 2-3/4" (70 mm). Ideal for working with MICRO Mill MF 70 or Compound Table KT 70. Slot stones and fixing screws included. Comes in a wooden box.

28132 - Machine Vise MS 4

The perfect accessory - easy and quick to install. The vise is made of die-cast zinc and has three machined sides. The grooved base fits the adjustable fence of either Drill Stand MB 140/S or Drill Press TBM 115 perfectly. The jaws are 2" (50 mm) wide and 25/64" (10 mm) high and provide horizontal and vertical V-slots for holding round work pieces, too. The maximum clamping width is 1-11/32" (34 mm). The anvil top with a cast-in hole is great for supporting small parts when drilling.

28146 - MICROFLAM burner MFB/E

Ideal for model building, electronics, jewelry repairs, dental laboratories, stained glass and automotive repairs. The unit produces a super fine flame shape with temperatures attaining 2370°F, which allows precise control when doing very fine work.


The burner is fitted with an electric ignition system (piezo crystal lighter) and a 50cc cartridge yielding a typical usage of 120 min. Air and fuel adjustments are to be made independently. The unit has a removable foot that ensures stability on the worktop and uses a butane cartridge, which is rechargeable with standard lighter fuel. Please note that the torch is delivered without gas.

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