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Books for Woodcarvers and other Artisans

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Pyrography (Woodburning) Books

BK143 - The Complete Pyrography
Authors: Stephen Poole

This state-of-the-art woodburning guide introduces both traditional methods and today’s techniques using electrically heated engraving tools and hot-wire tools. Every area of the craft comes with clear instructions: where to find designs, what tools and equipment to make or buy, and how to construct your own wire-point instruments, as well as how to produce lifelike textures, master the art of shading, select the proper color, enhance wood-turned objects, and protect finishes.


BK105 - Pyrography 101: A Lesson in Woodburning
Author: Nedra Denison


BK157 - Step-by-Step Pyrography Projects
Author: Norma Gregory

Skills & techniques are taught with clear instructions & useful illustrations. Includes easy-to-follow projects.


BK115 - Basic Paper Pyrography
Author: Sue Walters

Tips on selecting tools, mastering the major cuts & transferring patterns to wood. Includes 20 quick & wonderful projects.


BK113 - Step-by-Step Pyrography
Author: Bob Neil

Pyrography, the art of “drawing with fire”, is the irresistible subject of this new title in the popular Step-by-Step series. Here are 30 original projects, from door numbers to trinket boxes to frames, all beautifully decorated with eye-catching designs. Starting with the basic tools of the craft and the choice of “blanks” - or plain wooden objects - this guide shows how to transfer patterns to the wood, do the actual burning, and add color to the finished work.


Gourd Crafting Books - Primitive Originals Workshop Series

BK161 - How to Create Beaded Gourds


BK161 - How to Draw and Woodburn Feathers on a Gourd


BK161 - How to Create Pine Needle Rims on a Gourd


BK161 - Choosing and Using Dyes and Paints on a Gourd


BK161 - How to Create Polymer Clay Designs on Gourds


BK161 - How to Draw and Woodburn Mushrooms on a Gourd


BK161 - How to do Gold Leafing on a Gourd


BK161 - How to Weave Decorative Sinew on a Gourd


BK161 - How to Draw and Woodburn Celtic Knots on a Gourd


BK161 - Ideas for 30 Gourd Rims


BK161 - How to Make a Shekerie from a Gourd


BK161 - How to Clean and Cut Gourds


BK161 - How to Draw and Woodburn Florals on a Gourd


BK161 - How to Draw and Woodburn Egg Gourds


BK161 - Woodburning and Tracing Clipart Designs


BK161 - How to Draw & Woodburn Southwestern Designs


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