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Books for Woodcarvers and other Artisans

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Holidays / Festive Themes

BK111 - Carving the Nativity
Author: Helen Gibson

In this wonderful new book an old tradition is shared with today's carvers. Helen takes the reader step-by-step through the delicate carving process of one of the figures, with clear color photography illustrating each technique. Patterns and complete views for Mary, Joseph, three Wisemen, three Shepherds, and the baby in the manger are included.


BK112 - Northwoods Nativity
Author: Cindi Joslyn

Celebrate the wonder of Christmas by hand-crafting a traditional nativity with a twist! All you need are some chunks of basswood and some basic carving tools, along with our step-by-step carving, painting and finishing instructions. Our North Woods Nativity naturally features Baby Jesus, who rests in a hollowed out tree trunk lined with pine boughs, Mary and Joseph, and the three wisemen, who have traveled far...on snowshoes and skis. Three pine trees in varied sizes gently bow and sway in a make-believe breeze. A raccoon, a beaver, a mountain goat, a big horn sheep, a moose, a goose and a grizzly bear gather to complete the woodland scene.


BK163 - 35 Santa Patterns for Carvers
Author: Al Streetman

Based on the strong response from carvers around the world, Al Streeman has drawn together a book of Santa Claus patterns. 35 new patterns are presented along with helpful tips from Al's many years of carving experience. This book is written more for the carver who has some level of experience, but just needs basic line drawings/patterns to get started. There are also general tips and recommendations as to wood selection, paint colors and tools. Some of the patterns appear in their final, carved and painted form so the reader will have 3D references. The patterns are printed full-size. This is a valuable resource for the carver's library.


Bird, Fish and other Wildlife Carving Books

BK133 - Carving Birds in Wood
Author: E.J. Tangerman


BK108 - Bird Carving Basics: Feet
Author: Curtis J. Badger

Variety of techniques from different carvers, along with exceptional step-by-step photos.


BK145 - Creative Bird Carving
Author: William I. Tawes

Detailed instructions for every part of the process of carving a bird from wood. Clear, step-by-step instructions for 7 projects.


BK147 - Workbench Projects: Eastern Bluebird
Author: Laura Lucio

Step-by-step photo illustrated instructions for carving & painting. Includes patterns, reference photos & painting guide.


BK152 - Workbench Projects: Miniature Snowy Owl
Author: Keith Mueller

Step-by-step, photo-illustrated instructions on how to carve & paint a snowy owl. Includes how to paint in whites.


BK138 - Carving Popular Birds
Author: Anthony Hillman

With easy to follow instructions & full-size patterns, you can create replicas of 12 familiar North American birds.


BK140 - Carving Tropical Birds
Author: Anthony Hillman

Step-by-step carving instructions & clearly detailed templates, patterns & diagrams of 12 colorful species.


BK137 - Carving North American Hummingbirds
Authors: David Hamilton, Charles Solomon

More secrets for carving realistic hummingbirds! Includes step-by-step demonstrations, extensive habitat information, paint mixing charts and full-size patterns for the Anna's, the black-chinned, the Rufous and the Costa's species of hummingbirds.


BK150 - The Illustrated Birds of Prey:
Red-Tailed Hawk, American Kestral and Peregrine Falcon

Author: Denny Rogers

The Ultimate Reference Guide for Bird Lovers, Artists and Woodcarvers. Renowned illustrator, woodcarver and wildlife enthusiast Denny Rogers presents his detailed and celebrated drawings of distinguished birds of prey: Red-Tailed Hawk, American kestrel and Peregrine Falcon. Features 200 meticulous and anatomically accurate drawings of each magnificent bird in multiple poses from every angle and in minute detail - with notes on their behaviors and fierce predatory nature. Paint patterns included.


BK110 - Fish Carving Basics: How to Paint
Author: Curtis J. Badger

Featuring a variety of techniques: Using acrylics, layering colors, adding lifelike luster, how to choose the method that will work best for you.


BK116 - Big Cats: Carving Lions, Tigers and Jaguars
Author: Desiree Hajny


BK136 - Carving Horse Portraits in Relief
Author: Kurt Koch

With over 150 color photographs, you will learn step-by-step how to lay out patterns, how to measure and mark levels, and how to create the illusion of depth by following along as the author demonstrates how to carve a horse's head in high relief. Then, apply your new-found techniques to any one - or all - of the 5 spectacular horse patterns included.



BK158 - Wood Spirits and Green Men
Author: Lora S. Irish

The Ultimate Design Sourcebook for Wood Spirits and Green Men. Green Men and Wood Spirits, historical symbols that link the forces of nature and humanity, have re-emerged as popular subjects for woodcarvers as well as for artists of other mediums. In Wood Spirits and Green Men noted artist and author Lora S. Irish has created the ultimate sourcebook for carving these classic figures. Tips, techniques, illustrations and a full-color photo gallery provide the information and inspiration necessary to successfully create your own interpretation of this timeless icon -regardless of what medium you select. Includes the history and evolution of the green man and wood spirit. with 2 step-by-step projects and over 25 original patterns.


BK120 - Carving Fantasy and Legend Figures in Wood
Author: Shawn Cipa

Recreate the Romance and Mystery of the Great Creatures of Legend. Since the dawn of recorded history, beings such as wizards, dragons, faeries, mermaids, and other creatures of lore have been a part of many cultures. In Carving Fantasy & Legend Figures in Wood you’ll find expert guidance on carving these fascinating figures, and you’ll be encouraged to use these patterns to help spur unique design ideas of your own. Projects and patterns featuring some of the most popular creatures in mythology including a wizard, unicorn, troll, gargoyle, phoenix, and gryphon.


BK107 - Carving Gnomes
Author: Tom Wolfe


Misc. Carving Books

BK119 - Carving Tree Bark
Author: Jack A. Williams, Rick Jenson

In this book, you'll learn the specialized technique of carving figures in tree bark. Included is a complete guide to the various species of cottonwood bark and the best tools to use. A step-by-step carving project of a magical tree house is included along with a beautiful gallery including wood spirits, animals, whimsical tree houses and much more.


BK149 - Floral Wood Carving
Author: Mark Sutter

21 relief carving patterns accompanied by detailed notes & photographs of the finished projects.


BK118 - Carving Canes and Walking Sticks
Author: Tom Wolfe

Tom Wolfe has been carving canes and walking sticks for almost twenty years. Among the hundreds that he has carved, no two are alike. Each one takes on its own spirit and personality. Patterns for eleven figures are included with two of them carved step-by-step.


BK166 - Carving Pins
Author: Mary Finn

Wooden pins make wonderful handmade gifts and can be carved in a minimum of space with small equipment. Here, accomplished woodcarver and teacher Mary Finn guides readers through the creation of five colorful designs: a sunflower, cardinal, bunny, Santa, and rose. Step-by-step instructions and color photography present the process of carving the blank, adding texture and other details, painting, finishing, and attaching a pin to the back.


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