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Abrasives / Sanding Supplies

All prices shown are in Canadian Dollars

Premounted Abrasive Roll

Sandpaper strips prewrapped around a 3/32" mandrel. Each consists of aluminum oxide abrasive paper wrapped around a steel mandrel, creating many layers. Since paper is secured only at the bottom, user can easily tear off worn portion to expose fresh cutting surface. Roll heads measure 1/2" diameter x 1-1/8"L. Maximum operating speed: 16,000 – 22,000 rpm. Choose 240, 400 or 800 grit below.
Belt Stick Set

Economical, versatile tools for sanding and smoothing hard to reach areas. A spring-loaded tensioning device allows the abrasive belt to be rotated so that all areas of the belt can be used and permits quick belt changing. Belt Sticks may be used dry or with water, oil or solvents. This set includes 1 sanding stick and 6 bands. Size: 1/4" wide.

Abrasive Belt Stick Bands

240 Grit, 1/4" wide. Package of 10 $4.50

Split Mandrel Straight

11/64"  For holding strips of sandpaper. 3/32" shank.

Split Mandrel Tapered

For holding strips of sandpaper. 3/32" shank.

5-pc Needle Nose Files

Curved, medium-cut files. This set is designed for extremely fine shaping and detail work. 5 different profiles with rubber grip handles.

8-pc Riffler Rasp Sets

These double ended rifflers are great for carving and working around tight areas. Available in Fine, Medium and Coarse cuts. 7-1/2" Overall length (Coarse set is 10" long).


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