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Gloves and Finger Guards

All prices are in Candian Dollars

Forschner Cut Resistant Glove - $25.00

These "Forsch-shield" gloves have the highest cut and abrasion resistance with a polyester outer sheath containing Spectra. USDA/FDA approved materials. Washable and bleach safe. Fits right or left hand. Available in Medium or Large.

Kevlar Cut Resistant Glove - $9.25

Nice light-weight cut resistant glove with rubber dots that offer a good grip. Glove fits on left or right hand. Sizes are small, medium, and large. 100% Kevlar fiber. Choose size (S-XL) from drop-down button at right.

Excalibur Stainless Steel Glove - $11.50

This unique stainless steel core glove offers a high degree of cut resistance and hand protection plus a good grip and resistance to stains and odors. Note: Excalibur gloves are cut resistant but not cut proof or point puncture resistant. Made of 18% Stainless steel, 13% polyester and 69% Vinyl. Choose size (S-XL) from drop-down button at right.

Hand Saver Glove - $25.00

Made with the same high-tech material used in bullet-proof vests, the hand saver glove resists most cuts. If you hold your project in your hand while carving, the hand saver glove is a must for protecting your hand and improving your grip. Gloves are machine washable and reversible for left or right hand use. Sold individually in mens glove sizes (small fits most women). They run large. Not for use with power tools. Choose size (S-L) from drop-down button at right.

Rubber Thumb Guards - $1.50

Economically-priced rubber thumb guard. Choose your size from the drop down menu.

Open-Ended Finger Guard - $3.00

Thick suede offers greatest protection from compounds, abrasives and heat. Elastic, webbed cloth on the back allows for comfortable fit. Open-ended.

Suede Finger Guard - $3.00

Protect your fingers from cuts when whittling or carving. Considered superior to the open style guards, these finger guards feature wrap around construction for maximum protection and comfort. Top quality leather and elastic cloth for comfortable fit. One size fits all. Use with hand carving tools only.

Finger Pro Safety Tape - $3.50

Protect your fingers against minor cuts, burns and abrasions, without sacrificing comfort! Just wrap around fingers to be protected, sticks only to itself. Super comfortable, it “breathes” and allows free movement. Protects your fingers and improves grip. Essential for small hand held carvings. 3/4"x90' roll.

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