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Dust Collection Systems

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Razaire 530 Dust Collector

Includes Razaire 530 dust collector with 2" filter frame, one standard filter and 8" acrylic hood.


The Razaire 530 is the smallest, quietest, most powerful and versatile portable dust collector in the world. Because it is a modular system, it can handle the dust control needs of any small workshop.

How does it work? Basically, dusty air enters the front of the unit, drawn in by a powerful impeller fan. The dust is trapped by a filter that removes over 90% of 3-4 micron sized particles (about the size of baby powder). Clean air is then exhausted out the side. For most carving applications, it is not necessary to carve inside the acrylic hood - working 6" in front of it usually provides satisfactory results. With enough suction to pick up shavings from a planer (with a 4" hose attached), the Razaire 530 can handle it all. The supplied standard 2" filter is easily removed for cleaning (filter is cleaned by tapping it into a plastic bag or a garbage can). It can be cleaned many times before replacement is necessary. The Flameproof ABS cabinet has a built-in lamp holder that accepts a standard swing-arm lamp (not included), giving you excellent light where you need it most - right at the intake. Also supplied with an 8 inch acrylic hood that breaks down into 3 flat panels for portability.

Weight: 3.3kg / 7.25lb. (with standard 2 inch filter) Fan: Variable speed, high performance impeller type fan 530 CFM free air, 400 CFM @ .4" static pressure. Electrical ratings: 120VAC, 60Hz, .67A 100watts. Standard Filter: 9.75" x10.5" x 2" pleated filter rated 30% efficient w/1 micron particle. Warranty: 5 years on the impeller (fan), 10 years on all other parts of the power unit.

4" Inlet Hose Adapter

Easily snaps on to the front of your Razaire 530.

Allows you to connect the Razaire to many of your shop tools, or to a lap-top carving tray, or even a cyclone lid (available as an aftermarket attachment) to separate larger chips out so they do not clog up your filter. You can even use your Razaire 530 as a variable suction vacuum cleaner. 4" inlet accessories work best with the inexpensive 4" vent hose available at most hardware stores.

Lap-top Carving Tray

Approximately 13"x17"x2" deep.
Requires use of the 4" hose adapter and a length of 4" hose.

This ingenious tray was designed so that you can carve right in your lap or you can stand it on edge and it excels at picking up dust from small stationary belt sanders and small grinders. The built-in lips are not only comfortable to rest your arms on, they can also be used to fashion the lap tray into a drawer that conveniently stores away under your desk or bench.

Exhaust Air Deflector

Exhaust air discharges from the side of the Razaire 530. This adapter slips down over the exhaust, re-directing the air towards the back of the unit.


Useful in classes, but it's also great to re-direct air in many other situations e.g. when using your Razaire 530 beside a tabletop sander or scrollsaw. It's also recommended that you use this deflector when using the Razaire 530 without the front hood.

80% High Efficiency Filter (pink)

Best used for hard to capture particles like soapstone and eggshell. Also good for maximum efficiency when a single stage is desirable.


Because of the fine weave of this filter it is not as easily cleaned as the other filters and will require more frequent replacement. For best results we recommend using it as a second stage with a standard (green) filter in front.

2" Filter Frame

For using additional filters (boosts filter efficiency and lifespan) or for building custom hoods.


Simply snaps on to the front of your Razaire 530, allowing you to add as many filter stages as you want (one frame required per stage; we recommend no more than 3, but more could be used if you wish). Also a great way to make your own custom hoods for the Razaire 530 - attach a frame and build your custom hood onto it for a quick-release attachment.

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