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Razertip Pens and Tips

The Tips:

T=Standard tip  TH=Heavy-duty tip  F=Fixed-tip Standard Pen  HD=Fixed-tip Heavy-duty Pen.

All prices shown are in Canadian Dollars

#1L Large Skew
F1L $27.50
HD1L $31.50

#1M Medium Skew F1M $27.50
HD1M $31.50

#1S Small Skew
HD1S $31.50

#2A Special Tight Round
F2A $27.50

#2L Large Round
HD2L $31.50

#2LC Large Round Shader

HD2LC $31.50

#2MC Medium Round Shader TH2MC $4.75 HD2MC $31.50

#2S Small Round
HD2S $30.75

#2SC Small Round Shader
HD2SC $31.50

#2XS Extra-Small Round
F2XS $27.50

#3 Lamilae Maker

HD3 $30.75

#4L Large Flat Skew F4L $26.75

#4M Medium Flat Skew F4M $27.50
HD4M $31.50

#4S Small Flat Skew F4S $27.50

#5L Large Cutting Spear
F5L $27.50

#5M Medium Spear F5M $27.50
HD5M $31.50

#5MC Medium Spear Quill-Maker

HD5MC $31.50

#5MP Medium Spear Shader
HD5MP $31.50

#5S Small Spear F5S $37.50

#5SC Small Spear Quill-Maker
HD5SC $30.75

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