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Pyrography Paper

Pyrography Paper™, developed and introduced for the gourd world but is ideal for wood and leather as well. This is sold in packets of 50 sheets. Completely safe to burn through, PyroPaper™ saves time and makes it easy to transfer detail patterns accurately.

No special equipment required, you simply trace, draw, or print a design on it, cut out the tracing, tape it to your project & burn right though it! You can use a photo copier, laser or inkjet printer to print out an exact duplicate of any image.

What makes PyroPaper special is that it will not smolder, burn outwards, or melt, unlike other papers...there are no toxic chemicals. When you're done burning through the design, just lift it off from your project piece and your design is finished.

Each package contains 50 sheets of 8.5" x 11” translucent PyroPaper™, and instructions.

Price: $11.50

DVD - Introduction to Woodburning by Primitive Originals
(comes with Pyrography Paper)

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