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Chip Carving, Swiss and Other Knives

All prices shown are in Canadian Dollars

Super Bench Knife
Unquestionably one of the most important & versatile carving knives you will own. Handle is shaped for comfort, blade is perfect for most whittling cuts. Thumb notch for control & safety. Knives pre-sharpened (light honing or stropping needed). Length: 7-1/4", edge 1-1/2", blade 1-7/8".

Swiss Chip Carving knives
These classic knife styles were originally developed decades ago in Switzerland by the father of modern chip carving, Christian Rubi. Later these were used & featured by Wayne Barton in his book Chip Carving Techniques & Patterns. Still recognized world wide as the best, these knives are all you need to create any chip carving. The Cutting knife is used for all cutting, the Stab knife is a non-cutting knife, it is pushed or "stabbed" into the wood, separating wood fibers to form or enhance a design created by the cutting knives. Best quality Swiss steel & cherry wood handles. Pre-sharpened, however stropping improves performance. Length:5-3/8". Made in Switzerland.
Mini-Cutting Knife  $21.95
(top knife in photo)

Klotzli of Switzerland have been manufacturing quality knives for over 100 years. This is the ideal knife for either the novice or more experienced carver. The preferred chip carving knife of professional carvers and instructors all over the world.

Klotzli Knife Style #1 - $18.85

Klotzli Knife Style #2 - $18.00

Klotzli Knife Style #5 - $18.00

Klotzli Knife Style #6 - $18.00

Lavern Blacklock: Available on request or in our shop.

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