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Model Making Tools and Supplies

Various precision and mini-tools for all your dioramas, scale models, miniatures, jewellery-making or repairing, drafting, sculpting and tinkering projects.

All prices are in Candian Dollars

Hand Tools

Mini Scrapers (Set of 4) - $13.45
Four detailing tools that cut on the pull-stroke to scribe, scrape and shape intricate details into wood, clay, resin, wax and plaster. Drop-forged and hand-ground in surgical stainless steel with 6 inch long grooved octagonal handles for sure grip. Includes vinyl storage wallet.

Angled Cutting Pliers - $14.95
Choose Angle
Aerospace style mini shears with a new angle. Extra fine jaws reach into confined spaces. Tip angles of 21 degrees, 45 degrees and a unique reverse angle of minus 45 degrees permit both front and rear-side access. Pliers have corrosion resistant, blackened steel jaws, spring-loaded handles and cushioned no-slip grips. Grip color may vary.

3 Piece Pounce Wheel Set - $24.50
Aluminum handles with steel wheels. Tighten chuck for straight lines or loosen for curves. Sizes are: .25" diameter x .041" spacing, .3" diameter x .051" spacing and .412" diameter x .072" spacing.
Pounce Wheels Explained:
Use #1: Transferring drawings from paper to wood - just roll the pounce wheel over the drawing and it perforates tiny holes in the paper. Place the paper over the wood. Then rub powdered chalk (the kind used for snap lines; available at any hardware store) over the perforated holes. The chalk goes through the holes and marks the wood. Use #2: Simulating rivets on models - works on wood, plastic and sheet brass up to .01 inch thick.

Super Grip Scalpel Handle - $5.25
A 'fatter' scalpel handle that fits more comfortably in your hand. Textured at the working end for a no-slip grip. Scalpel is 4-3/4 inches long. Blades not included (available below).

Scalpel Blades - $3.45
Blades fit the Super Grip Scalpel available above. Both come in a package of 5 blades. Choose from No 11 scalpel blades (top of photo), or No 15 scalpel blades (bottom of photo).

Proportional Divider - $105.50
Proportional Divider scales drawings up or down in seconds. No need to measure, calculate and re-measure when working from scale drawings. The proportional divider does it for you. An all-metal precision instrument. Includes vinyl wallet and instructions.

Replacement Points - $5.55
Set of 4 replacement points for the Proportional Divider.

Scenery/Special Effects

Realistic Water - $23.40
Realistic Water models lakes, ponds, rivers and more. No mixing required. Clear liquid pours directly from bottle and is self-levelling. Dries in 24 hours, water-soluble for easy clean-up. 16 fl. oz.

Water Effects - $17.55
Water Effects models waterfalls, rapids or churning water. No mixing required. Dispenses directly from bottle. Dries clear and is non-toxic. Water-soluble for easy clean-up. 8 fl. oz.


Bright Bar, 240 Grit - $7.95
Bright bar removes tarnish and rust. Abrasive impregnated rubber bar cleans model railroad track for better electrical conductivity. Also removes rust and tarnish on all metals and de-glosses plastic gently. 2" x 3" x 3/4"

10 piece Flexible Film Sandpaper - $5.81
Lasts Longer and Gives You an Ultra-Fine Finish. 10 piece Micro-fine assortment. 4 inch x 5 inch sheets of the world's finest and most exotic abrasives. 2 sheets each of grits from 23 micron down to .5 micron (equivalent to 10,000 grit!). Includes silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, cerium oxide and chromium oxide.

4" x 6" Micro-Mesh Sheet - $4.25
Grit Choices
Micro-Mesh Polishing Sheets create a glass-smooth finish on painted and unpainted surfaces. Micro-Mesh Polishing sheets are not only ideal for creating or restoring a high-gloss finish, it can also be used for creating crystal clear finishes on full-size non-glass canopies and windscreens, polishing metals, and producing ultra-smooth finishes on wood. Micro-Mesh features micro grains of abrasive bonded with a resilient adhesive to a cushioned, soft cloth backing, providing a smooth shaving action across surfaces, rather than gouging and abrading them. And Micro-Mesh lasts longer than other sanding products, because its construction prevents the abrasive crystals from fracturing and overheating, whether used dry or wet.

12-Piece Double-Ended Riffler/Rasp Set - $39.78
Extra coarse mini-riffler files for fast stock removal. These wood rasps with riffler file shapes cut through both hard and soft wood, quickly and easily. And because they're extra coarse, they won't load up as quickly as the finer cut rifflers we sell. Their unique design lets you do intricate work that ordinary straight rasps can't. 12-piece set includes half-round, triangle, flat, square, round and wedge shapes. Made of alloy steel, approx. 5-1/2” long overall.

Other Useful Tools

Deluxe Lighted Headband Magnifier - $46.75
Adjusts to four magnifications; it not only has twin-beam, focused lighting, but also let's you select the magnifying power you need with just the touch of your finger. Contained under the hood is a special flip-down auxiliary lens plate you use in combination with the attachment loupe, providing you with magnifications of 1.8x, 2.3x, 3.7x and 4.8x. The comfortable headband can be worn with glasses and adjusts to any size with a Velcro-type fastener. Optical quality acrylic lenses. Requires four AAA batteries (not included).

Plan Holder - $40.10
Plan holder for hassle-free viewing of large drawings. Wrestling with large plans causes not only frayed drawings, but frayed nerves as well. To end this frustration, mount the Plan Holder to the corner of your workbench and attach your drawing to the cross arm. Your plan will now hang down in full view next to your chair for easy reference. Adjusts to any convenient position. Includes cast iron base and cross bracket, 36 inch long steel column and cross arm, plan attachment clips, plastic safety caps and all hardware.

Cleaning Basket - $8.00
Keeps small parts from getting lost or damaged. Don't dredge through the sludge at the bottom of your cleaning tank looking for lost parts. Use these spring-loaded 'clamshell' baskets that safely hold even the smallest parts while you rinse them in solvents. Your hands will be protected from harmful chemicals and the cleaned parts will drain easily. Made of stainless steel with plastic handles. 1-7/16 inch dia. clamshell, 6 inches long.

Living-Hinge Mini Containers - $5.25
These little containers are great for storing miniature hardware, small parts, taps and dies, rotary tool and lathe accessories, ship model fittings, drill bits, knife blades, cutters and anything else you need to keep organized, handy and protected. Made of tough polypropylene with a snap lock top and a living hinge that never wears out. Smooth, straight sides let you stack containers like building blocks to save space. Choice of three sizes - small: 1" x 5/8" x 1-1/2", medium: 1-1/2" x 5/8" x 2-3/8" and large: 1-1/2" x 1-3/8" x 2-3/8". All come in packages of 10.

Half Ounce Bottles - $8.75
Empty bottles with 28mm inner seal caps. Use for mixing and storage of paints and others liquids. Set of 6 bottles.

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