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Flexcut SK Carver Sets

The SK series tools were designed to be used interchangeably with the QC (quick connect) handles or with any number of reciprocating power carvers. The tools will simply push in and pull out of the handle. The 3 handle options allow them to be used for anything from fine detailing to roughing out with light mallet work. These compact tools are also great for traveling. The SK interchangeable sets offer the best value and versatility.

All prices shown are in Canadian Dollars

2pc. Beginner Carver Set

The Beginner 2-Blade Craft Carver Set has everything a new carver needs to tackle a first time project. It comes with two carving blades and an interchangeable ABS handle. A basswood blank for the leaf carving project and a 2nd blank for practicing cuts are included. There is also a leaf project DVD as well as a 24-page manual. Price: $40.90

3pc. Beginner Carver Set

This craft carver set includes everything you'll need to get started in the rewarding world of woodcarving. With interchangeable palm handle, 3 carving blades, bass wood boot blank, 16-page manual & project guide and instructional DVD.
Includes: SK307, SK407, SK408.
Price: $41.95

21pc. Deluxe Starter Set

This is Flexcut's most complete carving set all in one box. It includes ABS Quick Connect Handle, KN12 Cutting Knife, SK103 Quick Connect Power Handle, Flexcut SlipStrop and Compound, 16 Carving Tools, Wood Storage Box and Free DVD version of Relief Carving in A Different Light. It has everything you need, whether it be for mallet, palm, or knife carving. The added SlipStrop Gold compound and owner's manual is the key to keeping them all sharp. There is even a place to store an optional Universal Adapter for using these tools with your reciprocating power carver.
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Price: $219.73

5pc. Craft Carver Set

This entry level tool set comes with Flexcut's quick connect ABS handle. The 4 interchangeable blades and instruction manual are enough to complete the carving blank included. Additional tools can be supplemented to the 10 pocket tool roll to create your own custom set.
Includes: SK305, 306, 307, 801.
Price: $56.93

11pc. Craft Carver Set

Same as the SK106 with the exception of having 10 interchangeable blades for the best value. Rolled up, this set is very portable and the tool selection will fit most carving applications.
Includes: SK305, 306, 307, 309, 329, 400, 401, 408, 801, 803.
Price: $109.73

Carving Scraper Set

In just a few strokes you can remove any uneven surface or finish from your work without the use of sandpaper. Removes roughness from hand or power carving, ripple marks from moulding operations, excess glue in hard to reach areas, unwanted paint or other finishes. Fits into any SK interchangeable handle. Handles not included.

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