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Flexcut Mallet Tool Sets

Larger projects, such as architectural details or furniture may require mallet tools. They are called mallet tools because they can be pushed through large amounts of waste wood with the aid of a heavy mallet. Mallet work requires a very stable work surface and clamping system to avoid the project moving while being repeatedly struck. They can be pushed without a mallet in softer woods.

All prices shown are in Canadian Dollars

4pc. Sculpter's Mallet Set

These tools are sized for very large stock removal. Their handle diameter and steel caliper are twenty percent larger for heavier duty. Click on the photo to view profiles.
Includes: MC803, 605, 711, 890.
Price: $165.00

6pc. Starter Set

This 6 piece set is a good sampling of tools to get the beginner started on simpler projects. These tools will suit the needs of most beginning carvers. Click to view profiles.
Includes: MC403, 305, 208, 311, 411, 360.
Price: $178.20

Deluxe Mallet Tool Set

The tool selection for this ten piece set is quite versatile with gouges ranging from 1/8" for detail to 1-1/4" for hogging off large amounts of waste-wood. These tools will suit the needs of more advanced and beginner carvers.
Includes: MC203, 403, 505, 307, 309, 211, 311, 511, 245, 460.
Price: $302.50

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