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More Tools for Woodcarvers

All prices are in Candian Dollars

Individual Mastercarver Tools

Mastercarver hand-forged wood carving tools make high quality affordable! These tools are skillfully handcrafted with features not found on others. Blades are hand-forged from high carbon tool steel, expertly hardened to Rc 58-62 and rust-resistant varnish coated. Edges pre-sharpened to 22 degree angle, ideal for most carving. Forged socket traps oak wood handle fibers & prevents splitting for mallet use. Chisels & gouges are fishtail style for maneuverability. Each tool is fitted with a tough oak wood handle for hand push comfort & mallet use. Length: 9".

#1 Chisel - Straight Handle - Double Bevel

Available in 6, 10, 12 and 16 mm profiles - choose size from the drop-down button at right.

#5 Sweep Gouge - Straight Handle

Available in 20 and 25 mm profiles - choose size from the drop-down button at right.

#41 - 60º Parting Tool

Mastercarver V-tools feature straight shanks and reverse rakes for better cross and end grain carving and they cut a true V (bottom not rounded). Available in 6 and 10 mm profiles.

Multi-Line Texturing Tool

Create multi-line texture for hair, fur and feathers with each stroke! Simply push along surface of wood and you’ll instantly have 4 lines of texture. Recommended for carvings larger than 6". Tool length is 5.25", width is 3/16".

Carving Tool Sets

10-Piece Basic Tool Set & Roll


The perfect basic set for shallow relief, small sculpture and detailing larger carvings. It's also a great way to expand your tool selection at a low cost. Mastercarver hand-forged wood carving tools make high quality affordable! These tools are skillfully handcrafted with features not found on others. Comfortable, durable oak wood handles. Set contains: 12mm #1 Double Beveled Chisel, 6mm #3 Gouge, 12mm #3 Gouge, 6mm #5 Gouge, 12mm #5 Gouge, 12mm #7 Gouge, 3mm #10 Gouge, 6mm #10 Gouge, 10mm #10 Gouge, 6mm 60° V-Tool plus Heavy Duty Canvas Tool Roll.

13-Piece Starter Tool Set & Roll


The perfect set for shallow relief, small to medium sized sculpture and for expanding your tool selection for a low cost. Hand forged from high carbon tool steel (Rc 58-62). Durable Oak handles are tough enough for the heaviest mallet use, yet comfortable for hand pushing. Most tools are fishtail style for better maneuverability. Sizes and sweeps may vary slightly but will typically include the following 13 tools: 17mm #2 skew, 4mm #3 gouge, 13mm #3 gouge, 7mm #25 spoon, 14mm #5 gouge, 6mm #6 gouge, 17mm #6 gouge, 16mm #7 gouge, 21mm #7 gouge, 12mm #9 gouge, 4mm #11 gouge, 7mm #11 gouge, 10mm (#41) 60° V-tool & cloth tool roll. Tools come pre-sharpened.

4-Piece Straight Shank Detail Set


Carve tiny details like hair, fur, feathers and more - impossible with other tools! The finest available, these professional micro tools are hand forged in Germany to exacting quality standards. Featuring easy-to-hold hornbeam wood handles with capped furrules and flanged blades (Rc 62 hardness). Length 7". Sizes run from 0.5mm - 1.5mm

5-Blade Interchangeable Palm Handle Set


A quality set that’s compact and portable. To use, simply insert blade and turn to lock. For comfort and control, genuine walnut wood handle is shaped to fit into hand naturally and will not roll off your bench. Blades include the 5 most useful, extra wide for faster initial shaping and general carving, properly hardened and pre-sharpened to razor edge. Length 5".

Miscellaneous Tools and Supplies for Woodcarvers

Wooden Lure Carving Kit


Have fun making 5 of your own wood fishing lures and catching fish too! Everything you need to make 5-lures is in this kit: Instruction Booklet, 5 Wooden Lure Bodies, 12 Hooks, 4 Eye Pins, 18 Screw Eyes, 4 Tail/Head Props, 18 Cup Washers, 10 Painting Nails, 6 Sandpaper sheets, 3 Wooden Dowels, 1 Piece of Netting, plus Tech Report on fishing with Top-water Wood Plugs for Bass.

5-Piece Oval Eye Punch Set


Eye punches create perfect eyes on your carvings! Using punches to make eyes on wood carvings was first made popular by famous carver and author Tom Wolfe. These eye punches are improved versions of those shown in his books. Oval punches are best for human heads and some mammals. To use, tap with a hammer into socket area. Oval sizes: 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8". Length: 4".

6-Piece Round Eye Punch Set

Round punches are perfect when you want a round eye i.e. bird, some animals (also makes a great button). To use the round punches, simply press and twist or tap with hammer into socket area. Round sizes: 1/8, 5/32, 3/16, 7/32, 1/4, 9/32". Round punches are 5" long and include rubber pads.

Carver’s Tool Bag


Tote and store your valuable woodburning or carving tools plus much more! Features two layers of weatherproof super-tough Nylon Cordura. Has 21 pockets (16 inside, 5 outside). Size 13” x 7.5” x 7”

Mastercarver Tool Bag


Protect, organize and transport wood burning tools, micro motor tools, hand tools and more! The unique, exclusive design includes the features you want in a tool bag. Big enough to accept all hot wire wood burners; perfect for micro motor tool and flex-shaft machines too. Organizer slots and pouches provide 20 areas ideal for wood burning handpieces (pens), tips and accessories. Features: super tough ballistic nylon, heavy duty zipper, stiff walls and strong handles. 7.25" x 8" x 11". Another first, by Mastercarver High-Performance Tools.

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